Nashville: Best Fourth of July Celebration in the South?

One thing I loved about living in Atlanta was how easy it was to get out of Atlanta. There were enough interesting cities within driving distance of Atlanta to fill several weekend a year with quick but fulfilling getaways. 
One summer as the fourth of July weekend approached, I realized I had no plans. So I let a Google search decide where I would celebrate. I Googled “best fourth of July fireworks in the south”. One of the top results was an article about Nashville’s Let Freedom Sing, which combined free live music, food and fireworks. I opened another browser tab and booked a seedy motel immediately. 

That weekend a packed a bag and my cat, who at this time in my life traveled with me on most road trips. I planned to arrive exactly at check in time not realizing there was a one hour time differnce between Atlanta and Nashville. I arrived a little too early but my room was ready and I had time for a nap. 

I called a cab (if Uber existed in 2013 I wasn’t cool enough to know about it) and made my way downtown. Because this event attracts some pretty decent crowds I figured I better find a seat in the grass before sunset. This turned out to be a bit early but whatever. I listened to a few country music acts perform, and shortly after sunset the orchestra set up for the fireworks show. The Nashville Symphony Orchestra plays during the fireworks, so if your watching this fireworks display from across the river you’re really missing out. 

By Cara

I'm a 29 year old urban planner who recently bought a home. I'm trying to build my dream home/garden while sticking to a budget and keeping my sanity.

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