Reno Layover

Did anyone use to watch Reno 911? I loved that show but I hadn’t seen it in a while when my boyfriend and I booked a flight into Reno for his friends wedding in Lake Tahoe. Nonetheless, I was excited to see the city that inspired the show. When we landed it was about lunch time and we had Peruvian food in a strip mall. The place seemed like a popular lunch spot for nearby office workers. I was surprised that you vould find authentic food of this kind here. I was also not aware of the South American cultural influences that we saw in Reno. I guess up until seeing it in person, I hadn’t considered Reno as the Southwest. But that was what it felt like. After lunch we grabbed snacks and alcohol at an old Trader Joe’s also in a strip mall. Ive never seen an old TJs as they only recently have made their way to the east coast. At this point I was pretty impressed with Reno. I didn’t see the mobile home chain link fenced Reno depicted in my favorite cop show. We hopped in our rental car with our Trader Joe’s selection and headed out. But as we got to the outskirts of the city, I saw a different Reno. I began to see overcrowded mobile home parks and apartment buildings in disrepair. I had seen dangerously undermaintained apartments in Atlanta but for some reason the buildings I saw in Reno surprised me. Maybe it was because I had just left an upscale grocery store and the contrast was so stark I was shocked. I’m not sure.

After the wedding we drove back into Reno and had brunch at Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs where I tried huevos rancheros for the first time. I loved this place it was like a diner with regional menu options. I think overall the picture of Reno I took from this trip, was that Reno is a city with some worn down spots but with people, excited to invest in the place they live. Im excited to revisit Reno in the future and see how it has grown and hear the stories of people who loved their city for all that it is.

By Cara

I'm a 29 year old urban planner who recently bought a home. I'm trying to build my dream home/garden while sticking to a budget and keeping my sanity.

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