Retro Gaming in Tulsa

During my weekend trip to Tulsa, I discovered this city had pretty solid love affair with retro gaming. From bowling to arcades there were a couple of places that I got to visit on my trip that I really wanted to bring back with me to my hometown.

The Max Retropub has a few arcade machines and 1980’s themed cocktails. I’m always excited to see a Mortal Combat console, but I was excited to see Street Fighter in this arcade. We played a couple of rounds for free thanks to what may have been a happy accident after one of the employees empty the coins from the machines right before we walked up. I think we went on a Saturday night and it was a little slow, but it was probably early. I tried a pineapple punch drink that was on special, and my boyfriend tried the Rainbow Bright which was a fruity Brandy drink.

Before grabbing a drink at the Max, we played two rounds at Dust Bowl which has to be my favorite bowling alley of all time. I loved how much attention the owners paid to getting every detail of this 60’s era bowling alley right. The bowling alley itself is pretty small, with only five lanes. We got there pretty early and were able to get a lane without any wait. Shoes are available to rent and beer is available as well. I believe there was a minimum age restriction after a certain time. They also had an interesting drink and food selection that included a creamsicle drink and tatter tots. If you did have to wait for a lane, there is a seating area near the bar where you could grab a drink and a snack while you wait.

Luckily a “barcade” has opened up in our hometown, but I don’t think I’ll get to try retro bowling again until I visit Tulsa again.

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